Hilbert Spotlight: Meet Maria Tanetani

By Yasmine Dabash

Maria Tanetani is a Hilbert College freshman and English major who someday wants to be a professional photographer.

Maria, although born in Guam, is of Japanese descent and was raised in Japan until her adolescence. Maria chose Hilbert College because it is near the East Coast and its campus looked picturesque online—Hilbert’s scenic location provides all the inspiration Maria could ask for in her photography.

In her free time, Maria likes to go to the gym and eat ice cream with her friends (despite those two activities contradicting one another). Maria is trying to improve her English and make friends, so don’t be afraid to step up say hi! If you really want to ensure her friendship, bring her microwavable mac and cheese. She’s also an incredible photographer; if you ever need pictures taken, her email is mtanetani@hilbert.edu.

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