By Yasmine Dabash

Look at this image, look very closely.

panorama.jpgDo you notice anything wrong with it?

No? Let me tell you what is wrong with it. George.


Am I the only one bothered by this leaning tree ruining every picture of Hilbert College? Because Hilbert staff and students alike seem to love him.

Here’s what the people of Hilbert have to say:

“Anyone who can lean that far without falling is a-okay in my book.”–Corey Boice, Student Government Association President

“He adds character.” –Morgan Nellis, Hilbert senior

“Everybody loves George.” -Tristan Davis, Student Government Association’s Resident Representative

“He’s funny looking. I just wish there were two of him for symmetry.” –Madeline Macchioni, Hilbert sophomore

“Imperfection is a sign of life.” –Meagan Witzleben, Associate Professor

“It’s a unique tree.” – Maria Tanetani, Hilbert freshman

“When he falls, he’ll create a bridge between the two islands.” –Rebecca Giurdanella, First Floor Resident Assistant in Trinity Hall

George may have weaseled his way into the hearts of various Hilbert College students and staff, but he cannot fool me. He is a conniving topiary who has also managed to plaster himself everywhere possible.

Here he is on the front cover of Volume 27 of Hilbert Horizons:

Hilbert Horizons.png

And in Volume 15, Issue 1 of the H-Files on page 15H files.png

And the virtual tour of Hilbert College:

virtual tour.png

And the Hilbert College – See Different ad:

see different.png

And on the Hilbert College website’s Campus Safety page:

campus safety.png

Although my perfectionism is slightly disappointed by George’s appearance, I relent, because Hilbert seems to love him.

What do YOU think?




What’s George’s favorite class at Hilbert?
CJ 310 Introduction to Policing/Professional EnTREE (offered in the Spring of 2018 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM)!

2 thoughts on “George”

  1. George was there in 1983 when I first came on campus for an interview. He greeted me for 32 years & has seen many changes! He is also a reminder that some things will never change. He’s a sentry who guards & watches over all who enter & exit the campus. He’s a reminder that it’s our differences that make us beautiful! Sad will be the day he comes down.


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