Dining Hall Changes Include Fewer Choices

Photo Credit: Angella Rocklein 2

By Angella Rocklein

Hilbert’s Food Services has made changes to the way things work in the dining hall this year. Food Services Director Jessica Lively acknowledged that there will be fewer choices available, but overall the purpose of the changes were to make the process smoother at meal times.
“Instead of students being able to specifically select what they want inside – for example tomatoes and lettuce in a Buffalo chicken wrap – everything on the menu is a complete meal,” Lively said. “Everything is all put together and has a side, instead of (the sides) being chosen like last semester.”
Lively said if a student wants to leave out an item, they still can ask that it be excluded from their meal.
“Having less options makes it easier for people who are indecisive,” Lively said.

Another change is related to variety. Beginning this semester, the lunch and dinner menus will now be the same. This won’t be permanent though, Lively said.
In the future, each meal time will have a different menu, and the breakfast menu will be revamped, but there’s no time frame for putting that in place right now.
According to Lively, prices of the meals will remain the same through the college meal plans.
Lively said that the changes were made in response to student complaints about wrong orders. With the new system, each meal will be prepared in a standard way, cutting down on mistakes. Lively said it will be much more like ordering in a restaurant.

2 thoughts on “Dining Hall Changes Include Fewer Choices

  1. If students have comments or suggestions on how to improve campus dining, please let me know! Even better, join the food advisory committee that meets on the first Thursday of each month at 12:30 p.m.


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