New Start for New Students

By Brynn Biesik

Starting at a new college can be terrifying and exciting. Both transfers and freshmen alike have a lot to look forward to. This is the time for young adults to experience life to its fullest and discover what they want to do with their time on earth. Everyone has gone or will go through a transition in their life whether it be a big move, joining the military, or having a child. A big change is something every human can relate to. We’re all on the same page, so there’s no need to be scared.

Jackie Randall, sophomore transfer student majoring in human services, said, “The drive here is much longer, but they have a good human services program.” Though transfer students may be seasoned in the ins and outs of college life, entering a private school has its own way of doing things. Jackie goes on to explain that she loves the smaller community Hilbert has to offer and that she may even dorm at the college, something she hadn’t done previously. Since Hilbert is a private school, there’s a smaller community, with that means everyone eventually gets to know everyone. Meaning such a small population could show potential to become a tight knit group, which is what Jackie likes. “I might join a club, eventually, but I’m just focusing on getting my degree,” Jackie asserted.

I spoke to Brian Brennan, freshman from Cheektowaga majoring in cyber security, who choose this school based on its small student to teacher ratio. “I like it thus far,” the tall brunette nodded, and said he was excited to meet new people. Freshmen like Brian are just getting out of an establishment that required them to ask for permission to go to the bathroom and are now expected to pay taxes and vote. They can get tattoos without the need of a parent’s signature and can buy cigarettes. Essentially, they’re gaining their independence. Now that they’re going to college they can even choose the classes they want to take instead of having particular subjects shoved down their throat. “I look forward to going to the games,” Brian added. He’s, needless to say, excited to explore all that adulthood has to offer.

With each new wave of students that passes through Hilbert’s halls, there is the next bestselling author, the next sports star, maybe even the next president. Students go to college in spite of the crippling debt and the possible distance from the familiar because these college days of McGivering pens to be chop sticks and scrapping money from couch cushions will be some of the best times that person will ever have. Their future husband or wife could be roaming the halls. The two types of sleepless nights from either cramming for an exam or drinking until they forget their names await them. The friendships that’ll last a life time are going to be made. New doesn’t necessarily mean good or bad, it’s up to the individual to find out.

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