Get to know Father Judd!

“Every picture should tell a story,” said Father Judd, the new Hilbert College Chaplin. As you listen to Father Judd talk about his childhood hobby- photography- you can begin to understand his approach to life.

According to Father Judd, a picture has to have the correct settings, and must be taken in proper context. It should not be staged or inauthentic. Every picture must have personal meaning to be brought to life. Just like pictures, Father Judd speaks about his experiences being brought to life from Franciscan values, which are the basis of Hilbert’s foundation.

Father Judd’s previously attended University of Buffalo Law School. While comparing the UB setting to the setting here at Hilbert, Father Judd stated, ”People at Hilbert are not in as big of a rush to get to the next place. People are more inclined to stop what they’re doing to chat for a bit.” He likes the size of the school because it’s not too overwhelming. He also said that he enjoys the opportunity to speak openly about the Franciscan values, which play a major part in his every day life.

Father Judd was able to live out Franciscan values from 1991-92, when he spent a year in Peru during the constitutional crisis. During this unrest in the streets, Father Judd was able to learn Spanish as he helped to provide a calm atmosphere and stability for the people of that area. One memorable moment in particular was walking through a violent neighborhood with his congregation in a prayer march. This was a sign of peace and hope, especially for the people that have to endure violence everyday. While only staying a year, he was able to make friends that he still keeps in contact with.

Father Judd also spent some time in Camden, New Jersey. He helped assist students in the public schools where children had little hope or support at home. The stable, educational environment at school allowed these kids to succeed further than anyone would have given them credit for. Children from poorer areas were known to win prizes and receive recognitions at state and national levels. To Father Judd, this was his most fulfilling work. At a future Franciscan spirit club event, he hopes to show a slideshow from his experience in Camden.

Due to the priest shortage in the area, Father Judd does not currently know if he will be able to remain at Hilbert beyond this year. But he hopes to makes the most of his time here and, like in Peru, he hopes to help improve lives and make lasting friendships. “I am bad with names, but I love it when people come up and talk to me,” said Father Judd apologetically. However, he encourages everyone to stop in and say hi!

Join Father Judd for mass in St, Claire chapel Sunday at 7:30 p.m., Wednesday at 12:30, or Thursday 8 a.m.

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