The Future is in Good Hands

By Gabriel Esparza

Talking with Vanessa Enciso, the Vice President of the Criminal Justice/ Forensic Science club at Hilbert, you can begin to understand how much her time here at Hilbert will shape her future. For now Vanessa sees herself becoming a medical examiner. “I like solving puzzles and I would like to bring some closure and comfort to families after losing their loved ones.”

Joining the Criminal Justice/ Forensic Science club (CJ/FS) has also been an important learning experience here at Hilbert. The CJ/FS club has provided students valuable insight and preparation for their careers. Detective Payne of the Orchard Park Police Department gave a talk about his personal experience to the club. Detective Payne recommended getting experience by being a military police officer first or to make yourself marketable by joining a citizen academy or local law.

CJ/FS students also attended a Criminal Justice  conference in Lake Placid where they listened to more experts and listened to panel discussions. The club also visited Attica correctional facility, here they learned how the prison operates from trained professionals.

The exposure of professionals helps to influence the perspective the students have of their fields, while preparing for their potential careers the CJ/FS club also helps out in the community. Among other volunteer opportunities, the club participates in the Adopt-A-Highway program. “I love helping out and volunteering. Working on a common project brings us closer together.”

The constant between Vanessa, Detective Payne, other club members and other experts is the passion for what they do. You can sense how much their job and their field means to them, being able to help others in their community gives them their drive. The CJ/FS club provides a good opportunity for it’s members here at Hilbert College.

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