Agape Latte

(Photo Credit: Father Jud Weiksnar)

Hilbert College —  Campus Ministry hosted Agape Latte Tuesday, April 4, in the Lower Level Campus Center. Agape Latte is a program that runs at multiple colleges throughout the country, bringing people together for fellowship, baked goods and coffee. The event then has a speaker talk about their faith journey and personal life, it’s a chance for the community to connect on a deeper level and to have deeper conversations about life than what normally occurs.

Mary Ann Hobar, an associate professor and Assistant Chair of the Forensics Science Division at Hilbert, was the speaker, her talk was titled, “When Life Throws You a Curve.” She spoke of her aspirations, since being a little girl, of joining the police force and her struggle and dedication to fulfill her dream. She described a conversation with her parents, “They did not want me to enter the police force and were happy when I was accepted into Veterinary School.” But she decided not to go, she stayed close to her family and decided to repursue her dream of joining the police force.

Her main reason for staying home was because of her family, they were supportive and loving, they were the foundation of her life. She was successful and was accepted into the Police Academy, after opening the acceptance letter her father told her, “Your smile was worth everything in the world.”  But then life threw Hoby a curve, her father suddenly died.

Hobar, nicknamed Hoby, decided against going to the academy and instead chose to stay with her mom. This was a hard time for Holby and her mother, but they persevered. And Hoby was offered a local job on the police force. This allowed her to stay with her mom and work her dream job. She worked herself up through the ranks and retired as a lieutenant of the Orchard Park Police Department.

As her time was coming to a close, working for the police department, Hoby picked up teaching a couple of criminal justice classes at Hilbert. Students loved that she had real world experience in the field, and she was asked to come back each semester. Then she was approached and accepted the new role of Head of the Forensics Science Division at Hilbert, it is currently a very successful part of the Hilbert curriculum that has blossomed under the guidance of Hoby.

Agape Latte was a fun, engaging and insightful program. Campus ministry is planning to host similar events during the upcoming fall semester.



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