Keep calm and study on

By Jenah Schwabel

HAMBURG – Finals week is upon us. For many Hilbert students, that means added stress – the worries of a long semester piled into the last few days of work and exams.

So how to fight the anxiety that goes along with us?

For freshman Rosalie Constable, it was a blue translucent tube in her nostrils for a good ten minutes.

“French vanilla,” she said. “It made me feel … light.”

Constable, a DMAC major, was one of many students who tried out the scented oxygen bar at Hilbert’s Destress Fest, an annual event designed to help students redirect some nervous finals week energy into things that were more fun, relaxing, and a little distracting too.

Other activities included massages and puppy petting.  There was also a comfort food buffet, with an assortment of cookies, and potato chips.

To successfully get through finals week, remember to get plenty of sleep and consume a healthy diet.  Other tips include silencing your social media accounts and experimenting with different studying methods.

Finals week begins Friday and will continue through next Friday, followed by graduation on Saturday.  The staff of The Scribe would like to congratulate all Seniors on their accomplishment and wishes them the best of luck with their future endeavors.

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