H-Files TBT: Hilbert Cross Country

By Megan Lee

In October 2003, the Hilbert women’s cross country team had a very successful, but controversial AMCC’s. Katy Dorsheimer, who was a senior at the time, officially crossed the finish line in 8th place; however, six runners were disqualified. The six runners were disqualified due to cutting the course short by about 100 yards. As a result, Dorscheimer ended up finishing in 2nd place and received the opportunity to run at regionals. Disqualifying these many runners caused an uproar from the coaches leading to protests. The NCAA Track and Field/Cross Country Rules Committee then supported the disqualification to officially make Dorsheimer take 2nd place.H files Lee.jpg

On Saturday, October 28, 2017, Hilbert College’s men and women cross country teams competed in another successful, but not controversial AMCC. Hilbert hosted the meet at Evangola State Park, bringing in 7 other teams. Adam Droz , who came in 17th place, led the men’s team to a third place victory. While the women’s team finished in 6th place. On November 11, 2017, Droz and Lee will be going to regionals at Dickinson College.

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