Coming up for Hilbert Horizons

By Morgan Nellis

Hilbert Horizons, the college’s literary magazine whose content is entirely student-generated with poems, short stories, drawings, and photographs, has already started hosting events to garner submissions, and the deadline is fast approaching.

At the end of each year, about the time of spring finals, the finished publication is available to students at no cost. Both the Academic Services office and the Switch Board in Bogel Hall have copies for students to look at, but if you would like a copy of your own, contact the advisor, Dr. Ernst.

Any students wishing to submit their works of literature or art can simply e-mail their pieces to the magazine advisor, Dr. Ernst, or this year’s editor, Tristan Davis, by the submission deadline, November 17, 2017. After the deadline, once all the submissions are in, every piece is assigned a number and is completely anonymous to eliminate bias among the editorial staff. The editorial staff reads each of the submissions and, through a system of voting and debates, chooses the content for this year’s publication.  Once submissions have been chosen, the editorial staff then begins the process of deciding the layout of the publication, including the addition of photographs and drawings.

Fortunately, submissions that are not selected are given a second chance for publication the following year.

The Horizons staff is a close-knit group, and meetings are often spent around a pizza. Hilbert Horizons has two major meetings around the time of Thanksgiving break and December break where members sit down to a full meal and discuss submissions and the layout. A student does not need to be a member of the editorial staff to make submissions, but editorial staff members name will appear in the final publication. Staff members have stated that being a part of the editorial staff of the college’s literary magazine is a great addition to any résumé.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Horizons, contact the advisor, editor, or any of the editorial staff. But hurry: two of the most important meetings are coming up.


 Upcoming Meetings and Events

  • November 8 – Story Time, where students can write poems, stories, and finish prompts which will be submitted to the editorial staff.
  • November 17 – Submission Deadline all submissions should be e-mailed to either the advisor or the editor
  • November 30 – Selection meeting
  • December 7 – Selection and Layout meeting
  • Photographs and Drawing Submissions deadline is to be determined

If you have any questions about joining the Hilbert Horizons staff or making submissions, do not hesitate to contact any officer.

Advisor: Dr. Charles Ernst


Editor: Tristan Davis


Assistant Editor: Corey Boice



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