#TBT: Remembering the October Surprise

By De’Ja Cleveland

For this throwback Thursday, we are remembering October 13, 2006. On this day Western New York residents were hit with a dramatic snowstorm. This snowstorm affected many residents in the area, including Hilbert College, which endured power outages, snow build up, and many other issues.

Many members of the faculty and staff were stuck at home, while others, like the dining hall and maintenance staff, braved the storm and came to work. The maintenance staff arrived and began clearing the snow, and dining hall staff members came to accommodate the students that live on campus. While preparing meals for the students, the dining hall had to get creative. For instance, due to power outages, food had gone bad. Although the dining hall had challenges, all students were fed during every meal time. Power was eventually restored to the college on Saturday afternoon.

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