Meet the Scribe Staff: Amanda Figueroa

By Morgan Nellis

Meet Amanda Figueroa, a member of the 2017 Scribe staff.

Amanda Figueroa
Amanda Figueroa

The facts:


Name: Amanda Figueroa

Major: Criminal Justice

Hometown: Elma, New York

Graduation year: May 2018

About Amanda

Why did you choose Hilbert College?

I picked Hilbert because of the BOCES class I took in high school that would give me 6 college credits at the college.

What is your favorite thing about Hilbert College?

My favorite thing about Hilbert College is the clubs I joined, like Great Expectations and Hilbert Horizons. I really enjoy those clubs.

What are your career aspirations?

I want to be a probation officer to help people who are threatened with jail time keep their nose clean.

What is your favorite movie and why?

One of my favorites is Disney’s Aladdin, because of the fact that the story continues and there is character development throughout the entire series.

What is an interesting fact about yourself few people know?

I’m adopted.


One of Amanda’s favorite trips with the Great Expectations club was their trip to Cleveland, Ohio. On the way there, the president of the club kept mispronouncing a street called Carnegie, she kept calling the street “carnage.” After about ten minutes, Amanda corrected her and then laughed at her. On their trip, Amanda and the rest of the club members had the opportunity to touch stingrays at an aquarium. The president of the club had built up the courage to touch one, but once her fingers came into contact with the back of the stingray, she let out a loud scream and ran away. Amanda, after watching this, decided she wouldn’t touch any of the stingrays.

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