Hilbert Women’s Soccer Players Adjust To New Protocols

The Hilbert Women’s Soccer team is having to adapt to many new changes and precautions this upcoming spring season. 

The team had to adapt many new protocols because of COVID-19, including the delay of the season, new practice times and a different schedule.  There were many new restrictions added this year because of the pandemic. 

Sophomore Amber Stuck said this season had many new changes, but she is looking forward to the spring.

“We will have probably around eight games which would be playing each team in the conference once,” Stuck said. “I think we start around March/April and it will probably be a month and a half to two months long.”

This means that the team will have a few less games than usual but will still be able to play each team at least once. 

Freshman Paige Wagner said she is happy to be seeing her teammates at all, given the circumstances.

“I expected to not even begin practicing yet this year because of COVID, so I’m glad we are able to practice,” Wagner said. “I really enjoy being on the team so far and I am excited for if and when we get to play games.”

The team is still able to practice.  They have a special sanitizing crew that sanitizes all equipment after every practice.  They practice twice a week in separate groups. 

Sophomore Macy Kisner said everyone is still getting used to the new protocols.

“Every practice, my team and I have to wear masks walking over to the field, where our temperatures are taken before every practice,” Kisner said. “We practice in groups of ten, so we stay separate from each other.”

The season does have lots of minor changes like taking temperatures before practice, creation of the sanitation crew and a different game schedule than last year. 

But, even with all these new changes put in place this year, the team seems excited and ready to play in the spring, Paige Wagner, a team captain said.

“I can’t wait see what the future holds for this team and this coming season,” Wagner said.

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