College Students Hope to Avoid Another Covid Shutdown

As COVID-19 cases start to increase again, it’s apparent that a second shutdown is likely.

Most of Erie Country has been split up into yellow, orange and red zones, which identify the severity of cases in that town.  Almost all of Erie County has turned orange, leaving just a few towns in the yellow zone. 

Sophie Loschiavo, a freshman at Daemen College who started her first year mostly online, said she has not been able to get the fullest experience of college.  She now is fully remote as all the other schools and colleges are and is frustrated about the start of a second shutdown.

“I can’t believe we are about to go into lockdown again” Loschiavo said, “I really hope this doesn’t last as long as the last one.”

Daemen College sophomore Gianna Baia said she has felt outrage and sadness of the start of the second shutdown.

“I wish people would just stay home and follow the procedures put in place so we could all have things go back to normal,” Baia said. “I hope Erie County or towns in Erie County don’t turn red.” 

Baia had high hopes that if people stay home that the world will return to normal again and that she will be able to go back to playing soccer and her job, being a hostess at a local restaurant. 

Its clear that many people don’t like the second shutdown, but it is clearly needed with rising COVID-19 cases in New York State.  Baia stated,

“Hopefully 2021 is a better year,” Baia said.

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