Hilbert Basketball Hoops with Kanye Brown

In early March, a week before the school closed in response to the pandemic, country music star Kayne Brown came to Hilbert to unwind and play shoot some hoops. Student athlete Jesse Price was on the court when Brown arrived with his large entourage.

“Kayne was amazing,” Price said. “It was an awesome experience. After we hooped, he gave us tickets to his concert and backstage passes. Such amazing people and had a very great time.”

If back on that Saturday in March Kayne had expected to leisurely just shoot hoops, he was wrong.

Born in New Zealand, Jesse has called Australia home since he was 6 years old. In high school Jesse played varsity basketball.

“I have been playing basketball since I was six,” he said, “I love and embrace the journey to get better every day.”

With relatives in Los Angeles and Seattle, Price said he is a Seattle Seahawks fan. He said once he wore his Seahawks jersey on campus and “talked trash” about how they would beat the Bills. He jokingly said afterwards, he couldn’t leave his room for a few days for obvious reasons. He now knows he’s in Bills country.

Price is a criminal justice major who plans on attending law school.

Outside of basketball and school, Price enjoys playing golf and watching football and baseball. He also enjoys relaxing in front of the TV as well as an occasional movie. Of course there is always the fun of hanging around with fellow students.

When asked about his decision to attend Hilbert, Jesse said coach Andrew DeGranpere played a major role.

“I formed a great relationship with Coach DeGrandpre and that was a big part in me coming to the college,” Price said.

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