Internships an Important Part of College

 High schoolers’ minds are racing from the beginning of their freshmen years, deciding what they want to do after graduation, where to go for college, and what kind of career they want for the rest of their lives. At any age, making these types of life changing decisions are difficult, especially when you start thinking about them at 16 years old. 

When being told to make the decision for your career choice, students are often told to choose something that interests them, or that is similar to what they are used to or good at. However, some interests do not always offer the best opportunities in careers post-graduation.

Sarah Kobler, a sophomore at Hilbert College, is studying political science.

Mia Loshiavo, also a sophomore, studies criminal justice.

Jake Pericak, a freshman at SUNY Geneseo, studies biology and pre-med. After graduation, all three students will have several opportunities when making a career choice. 

With a degree in political science, Sarah Kobler will be qualified to work as a paralegal, legislator, lobbyist, or analyst, among other opportunities. “My goal after my first four years of school, I plan to go to grad school, and eventually become an attorney,” Kobler said.

Mia Loschiavo, a sophomore criminal justice major, said … paraphrase what she said.,

“Once I graduate I will be able to pursue a career in law enforcement, an investigator, a correctional officer, and many other positions,” Loschiavo said. “I plan on doing something with law enforcement or joining the FBI.”

Jake Pericak, a freshman at SUNY Geneseo studying biology, said that he has a lot of plans for his future.

“When I graduate from med school,” Pericak said. “I will have several opportunities, I could go into any job in the medical field, from a nurse to a neurosurgeon. But I want to take it a step further, go for more schooling, and become an eye doctor.” 

Sometimes, when students major in something that requires less qualifications, to get ahead of the game they will get a job during school that relates to their career later in life. In these students’ cases, all careers require more schooling and a degree beforehand. In other majors, like art or music, it is easier to find a job during school to gain more experience. 

When it comes to majors that require more schooling, it is recommended or required for students to complete an internship for experience and more job opportunities, Kobler said.

“I have already started internships and I am currently applying for more to complete before graduation,” She added. “I have been doing internships with different politicians around the area, and soon I will be starting an internship with a lobbyist. This gives me more experience and a better feel for what I am in for once I graduate.”

For Loschiavo, it is a little different.

“I am currently not completing any internships and I do not think I am ready to,” Loschiavo said. “However, sometime next year I plan to research the different options I have and pick one that really interests me.”

Pericak said he will get plenty of professional training in the medical field as he moves through his education.

“I am currently not enrolled in any internships either,” Pericak said. “I have twelve years of school ahead of me, and I have a lot of time to research and decide on the best fit for me.” 

Most times, because we are told from such a young age to choose a major we have always been interested in, students will decide on something and stick with it. Although there is nothing wrong with changing your mind or switching your major, it is usually something we have been interested in since a pretty young age. However, all three interviewees stated that even before high school, they knew their major choice was something they wanted to do.

Besides students having jobs relating to their career choice, they can also form hobbies to educate them more on what they are studying.

“Some hobbies I enjoy outside of school are being an activist for different movements and topics that I am passionate about,” Kobler said.

Loschiavo said her outside interests also fall in line with her major and career plans.

“Outside of school, I love watching different crime shows and learning about and researching different, interesting cases,” Loshiavo said.

As you can see, there are so many different career options no matter what major a student may choose, the hardest part is just being able to pick which one you want to pursue. On the other hand, there is always time to change direction, and at no point in time are you stuck with one career for the rest of your life. 

For Pericak, his hobbies fall outside the purview of his working future, he said.

“I don’t really have many hobbies that pertain to my major right now, as it is still my first year of college and there are not many hobbies and activities relating to things in the medical field,” Pericak said. 

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