Men’s Basketball Sees Shortened year as an Opportunity

Players on the Hilbert Hawks men’s basketball team are disappointed about another shortened season, but are keeping their heads high while playing a few games this year.

The team had their season shortened with Covid-19 restrictions in place, only allowing them to get seven scrimmage games for the whole season.

Not only was their season cancelled, but Covid restrictions were also an obstacle. Just like every team, masks have to be worn in practices for precaution. “Athletes were no longer allowed to get extra gym time whenever they pleased, unless there was a scheduled practice,” said Wendell Abellard, a sophomore guard.

However, this short season allowed for them to improve on team bonding, Abellard said.

“Our team has improved on team chemistry… this year we found ways to get guys together and do activities outside of basketball,” Abellard added.

With just these few scrimmages, head coach Rob DeGrandpre is using these games as an evaluation for next season. The team has improved in just these few games, sophomore Jessie Price said.

“Coach is trying to give everybody an opportunity so he can understand their strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities for next season,” said Price.

DeGranpere, Price and the rest of the team hope to use this year as a learning opportunity that it will make them a stronger unity next year.

 “We are making sure we truly understand the system we’re playing in such as: learning offensive sets, and different kinds of defensive plays,” Price said. “The goal is to have all played with each other and understand everybody’s strengths and weaknesses.”

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