Advisement Begins

The process of academic advisement is beginning for all Hilbert students as the semester has headed into April.

This is a time in which students must meet with their advisors to discuss which classes they plan on taking for next semester.

During this meeting, it is also a time to ask any questions about certain classes, such as which ones are available and which ones are still needed to be taken for a student’s specific program and the modules within it.

Jin Zhang, professor and advisor, said that the advisement process is very beneficial to students

“Academic advisement can assist you in better understanding the requirement of your major, help to make an appropriate academic schedule, provide relevant information for tutoring sessions, and explain how the registration and course selection process goes,” said Zhang.

If your advisor has not yet emailed you about scheduling a meeting, it is important to reach out to them as soon as possible. This can be said for all future academic advisement periods as well.

Registration will also be starting shortly after the advisement process, and the Hilbert academic calendar provides the registration dates for each class level.

Students can register for their classes on self-service and will only be able to register with their advisor’s approval, which is why this process is essential.

Hilbert student Mckenna Staruch said she takes her meetings with advisors seriously.

“Meeting with my advisor and looking at my program sheet always helps me figure out the classes I should take, and if I am on track with my planning,” said Staruch. “It is overall beneficial to have that kind of help.”

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