Changes to Graduation Cause a Stir

Hilbert College’s commencement ceremony will begin to look a lot more like it did before the coronavirus pandemic this year.

For the past two years, Hilbert students have not been able to participate in the typical commencement and graduation ceremonies because of pandemic restrictions. Now that case numbers are lower and mandates are being lifted, students have been highly anticipating a normal graduation where students can walk across the stage for their diploma. However, due to a change in venue, some restrictions remain in place.

Initial emails went out to students and suggested that Hilbert College will only be providing students with two tickets per family. This did not sit well with many Graduating Seniors.  The Graduate information also indicated that the ceremony will be held in The Hafner Recreational Center instead of the nearby Revive Wesleyan church where it had been regularly held before 2020.

One Hilbert College Student Suggests that the location of the Graduation could’ve been better.

“There are better locations even on Campus where we could’ve had the Graduation, such as Swan Auditorium.” the student, who asked not to be named, said. “I get that space is a big issue and we have a larger graduating class than usual, but I think we could’ve found a more professional looking location.”

Hilbert College Students were also concerned with how the ticket amount provided will affect how they can accommodate their families.

“Not everyone comes from a small three person family” said another graduating senior who asked not to be named. “I come from a particularly large family with multiple important people in my life, so figuring out who I am going to bring to my graduation is going to be hard for me.”

This disappointing news fueled graduating seniors to create a petition for more tickets. After the petition gained more and more attention, decisions on behalf of the school had to be made.

On Friday, March 18th, emails went out to students with great news. Graduating Seniors will now be given 4 tickets.

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