Big Turnout for Fresh Check Day

The Hilbert College Community came together to reinforce the fact that Mental Health Matters.

“Fresh Check Day was a staff and student volunteer-led event that focused on discussing and reclaiming a topic that is all too often neglected, mental health,” Jordan Salomone said

Fresh Check Day involved not only the help of Faculty, but also the help from many Hilbert College Students who truly believe that mental health is important.

The experience from the student volunteers goes unnoticed. In fact, Brandon Kottwiz was one of the volunteers who fully enjoyed his participation in this event. Kottwiz volunteered for one of the booths called “Be Yourself” Booth.

“This booth was about creating an ally chain by having participants write down inspiring or meaningful messages to the LGBTQ+ community” Said Kottwiz.

One interesting perspective that Kottwiz had dealt with was looking at the turn out of the event, in comparison to the times when CoronaVirus was heavily impacting student activities.

“The turnout for this event was pretty unique for the time that we’re in. We are getting back to normal and I can say, there was a larger turn out for this event than is normally seen for events at the college and all the participants were very willing to listen to and discuss mental health awareness” said Brandon Kottwiz.

There were other intentional booths at this event as well. Jordan Salomone is a full time student here at Hilbert College who also volunteered at the Fresh Check Event. One of the booths that Salomone worked at was called “YOUnique.” This booth was all about trashing insecurities.

“You could write down any negative image or insecurities you have and throw them out” “I wasn’t really sure what to expect of this event, but I was definitely excited to see how everything played out.. And it did not disappoint” said Salomone.

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