Student Strategies for Dealing with End-of-Semester Stress

The end of a semester can be a stressful time for a lot of students.

The last few weeks are difficult because it is the home stretch, and students may be feeling burnt out or stressed because of the upcoming finals week. Many students struggle to balance their day-to-day schedule while having to worry about their finals, though there are many students who have their own methods to help them relieve stress and study in preparation for their exams.

Many students who have their own methods for relieving their stress during finals week. Scott Warner, a Hilbert College student said wellness practices are helpful when studying.

“I do a lot of stretching personally to destress during finals week,” Warner said. “I also take frequent five-minute breaks from studying in order to put my best foot forward.”

Another student, Elijah Powell, said finding balance is important.

“I like to focus on basketball while also making sure I stay organized by figuring out when and where all of my exams are to stay on top of things,” Powell said.

There are many different methods that students can use, it is the matter of finding out what works best.

Another problem that some students may encounter is being overwhelmed by trying to prepare for all of their finals.

Hilbert student Elizabeth Vazquez said being prepared helps with anxiety.

“I prepare myself for the finals by looking over PowerPoints and my notes,” Vazquez said. “I also get together with some classmates to go over the definitions and content we learned over the course of the semester and will make myself a study guide”.

Similar to relieving stress, there are many different methods students can use to help themselves be as prepared as possible for their finals. 

Another student, Elian Lora said since finals week can be super stressful it is important to have help from other people to help relieve some of that stress. More importantly it is important to find what works best for you.

“I like to get together with my teammates in order to ensure that we can stay on top of our grades and get the best grades we can,” Lora said.


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