Hilbert Blueprint Tracks Goals Through Four Years

By Kyle English



In 2008, Hilbert College received a $2.5 Million Title III Grant that allowed it to establish their Foundations Seminar class, GS101.  It was with this grant that the wheels starting turning and an organized plan began to be discussed.

The Hilbert Blueprint was formalized in 2013, to differentiate Hilbert College from other colleges, both in the immediate area and around the country.  The blueprint is an outline that every student that comes to Hilbert will share as a common experience.

Dr. Chris Holoman, Denise Harris, and Jim Sturm are the three co-creators of the Hilbert Blueprint and they explained that the process was surprisingly easy because everything incorporated in the blueprint already existed on campus.

This four-step outline indicates what each student will be doing at every level of their college education.  It outlines a major goal for each year they are at Hilbert.

Some departments already had their own departmental goals and capstone experiences. This new Blueprint made it mandatory that all departments added this to their goals.

Sturm is an advocate of leadership and he was eager to point out that the Hilbert Blueprint incorporates the path to becoming a good leader every step of the way.

“Dr. Holoman always used the arrow to illustrate our intentions and the growth of the student.  From there, we just filled in what goes where,” Sturm said.

Sturm noted that students will partake in GS101, juniors take PS402, seniors have their capstone, but sophomores did not have a primary focus.

“Most students transfer, or leave college during their sophomore year, so we needed to find something unique to keep them engaged,” Sturm said.  Hence, the creation of sophomore service in the Hilbert Blueprint.

The primary method of tracking the success of this blueprint, long term, is having the students create an E-Portfolio.  This is advantageous for the student, the college, and potential employers, because everything is in one place.

The students can email their portfolio to their potential employers and the founders of this plan can track the success of this implementation by seeing the quality of students’ work, and experiences throughout their four years at college.

Recently the Hilbert Blueprint underwent an analysis, using various assessments and evaluations, to evaluate its early success rates.  The results yielded exactly what administration had hoped for.

“It is a clear pathway for success,” Harris said.  “It gives the parents of our students comfort knowing that the college has a plan for their child. ”

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