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Ghost Story

By: The Staff of the Summer Scribe

It was almost one in the afternoon and the members of Hilbert College’s Media Camp had returned from a field trip to the Edward M. Cotter Fireboat. The camp is a one-week day camp for aspiring print, video, and photojournalists. They had spent the day writing, taking videos and photos, and interviewing. Now that they were back, they decided to participate in a camp tradition–ghost hunting in Hilbert’s the Swann Auditorium. Continue reading Ghost Story

Aboard the Cotter, Floating History

By Drew Dees, Lucy Piscitelli, and Alex Shapiro   

Photo: Alex Shapiro
A doorway in the engine room of the Edward M. Cotter fireboat on the Buffalo River on Thursday, July 20, 2017.

The fireboat Edward M. Cotter is a National Historic Landmark, commemorating history and service to Buffalo, NY. This week, Hilbert College Media Camp’s student journalists and counselors learned about that history on a private tour of the ship. Continue reading Aboard the Cotter, Floating History

Third Party Voting

By: Dale Zielen

Many of us are voting tonight, but some are unsure of who to vote for still. Some of you can’t stand Trump and/or Clinton, but think those are your only choices. That though is not the case. You can always vote third party. Even if you do not know the candidate, voting third party is the way to go.

People think voting for a third party candidate is just “throwing your vote away”, but it can actually do a lot in the long run. Yes the third party candidate will most likely not win, but that isn’t the point of voting for them. If enough people vote for a third party candidate it brings attention to analyst. It shows that people are rejecting both the Democratic and Republic candidates. After all they look for what we the people want, and if we are voting against both major parties that will bring some attention to them. Another benefit is that if attention is brought to the third party candidates, the winner and loser will both look at what that candidate believes in and will “steal” their ideas to make the people happy. No matter what at the end of the night we will be stuck with either Hillary or Trump, but hopefully all the people that don’t like both of them vote third party, rather than not vote at all.

Black Student Union

By: Breyana Laury

Have you been searching for a club but do not know what is right for you? How about trying out Hilbert College’s new Black Student Union Club. The Black Student Union is a club that focuses on celebrating, advocating for and increasing understanding of the heritage and experiences of Black culture. The club provides regular opportunities to discuss current events impacting Black culture locally, nationally and internationally. It also hosts larger campus wide events each semester to celebrate various historical accomplishments by this community, but most importantly the club is open to all students. If you are interested in becoming a member of Hilbert College’s Black Student Union meetings are held every Wednesday in the student lounge (Room 103) in Fran Hall from 2-3pm. At the meeting you will learn more about the club, its purpose, and of course if the club is a right fit for you. Please join us Wednesday November 16, 2016 at 2pm for our next meeting. All are welcomed and hope to see you there. If you have any questions before then please contact Shalimar Duplantis (Founder/President) at or Ahyana King (Advisor) in Bogel 103B or at 649-7900, ext. 243.

Promote to Vote

By: Breyana Laury

It is important for voter turnout that local and state voting policies and procedures are public knowledge. Often, voters do not know where, when and how to vote. Public awareness campaigns can encourage voter participation. That is why Monday November 7, 2016 various members of Hilbert College’s Black Student Union sat at a table in front of Bogel 101 from 12:30-3:30pm promoting people to vote in the 2016 Presidential Election. We not only wanted to give  people of the Hilbert College community additional information on the 2016 candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but we also wanted to get people active in the process and hopefully lead to more informed voting in the future. If you were able to stop at the table BSU members were giving out I’m with her posters and Trump stickers along with candy. The BSU members appreciate everyone who participated as well as voted in the 2016 Presidential election and hope to see everyone at our next event.

Be the Most Marketable Person in the Room

By Kylie Wooliver

After graduating from Hilbert, Nicole Maiorana assists in the social, psychological, and academic growth of children.
A 2016 Hilbert graduate with a degree in Human Services, Majorana is a rehabilitation specialist at Northwest Community Mental Health in Buffalo.
The Orchard Park High School graduate she says she chose Hilbert College for its small class sizes. In addition, Hilbert’s location was convenient for her since it is close to home. She was drawn to Hilbert’s Human Services program. However, she believes without graduate school, there isn’t much forward mobility in her field. “The chances of financial growth are very slim,” she says.
She said she plans on getting a graduate degree in the next few years.
Her job at Northwest is her first salaried position in the mental health field, and her first day on the job was Nov. 21. She’s ready to work and go to graduate school so, she said, she can “move up the career ladder.”
She says that the best advice she received about her future was from her parents. They said, “to make sure I’m the most marketable person in the room.” With her master’s degree, along with her personal skills and traits, she hopes to be an asset to the counseling field. “My parents have encouraged and supported me throughout my academic career. I am very thankful for their guidance,” she said. “I am looking forward to the future and learning from an assortment of professionals, along the way.”