St. Clare’s Closet Helps Students Dress Professionally

Closet Volunteers

By Kyle English

There comes a time in everyone’s life when it’s time to go for a job interview and you don’t have the appropriate attire.  Well Hilbert Students, you are in luck, St. Clare’s Closet has got you covered.

St. Clare’s Closet has been around since the mid-2000s, and is something President Zane heavily promoted early in her tenure to emphasize the importance of giving back to the students who are less fortunate and need help.  Since then, faculty and staff members have continued to make note of this opportunity, but it still lacks publicity amongst the Hilbert community.

Katie Martoche, the faculty member in charge of the service, says that she believes that there is a high demand for this but not many students know about it.  “Not all students can afford a suit or a nice outfit for a job, internship, or interview.”

If any student needs appropriate clothes for a job interview or a similar occasion, they just need to contact Martoche or Hilbert’s career center, and they’ll be allowed to choose from a selection of donated, professional clothing for men and women.

Martoche and Hilbert College do not ask for the clothing back.  “It is important to keep the integrity of the student in tact so we do not ask names, or for the clothing back.  The student is welcome to take as much as they need.” Martoche said.

The donation service is named for St. Clare, the nun inspired by hearing St. Francis speak, and who dedicated her life to helping the poor.

“The closet is part of the Franciscan Mission and giving back so we are really excited to have something like this available to the Hilbert students and alumni,” Martoche said.

Located in Bogel Hall 130, St. Clare’s Closet offers a variety of clothing including suits, belts, blazers, and scarves in name brands, including Calvin Klein, Alfred Dunner, and Express.  The Career Center is always looking for donations and will accept any and all gently used, professional clothing.

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