“Politics of Hate” Discussed at Forum


By Amanda Snyder


Hilbert College held a Town Hall Forum panel discussion featuring four Hilbert faculty members in the Swan Auditorium on Tuesday, March 1.

The discussion centered on diversity and discourse on the “Politics of Hate.” Panelists included Yvonne Downes, Ph.D Professor of Criminal Justice, Kushnood Haq, Ph.D Professor of Business, Jeff Papia, MTA, Director of Mission Integration and Campus Ministry, and Megan Witzleben, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of English.

Dr. Christopher Holoman, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, opened up the meeting by stating Aristotle’s philosophy on man [and woman] is by nature, a social [political] animal.”

Papia introduced the theme of creating diversity through unity , the idea of turning many into one. Each faculty member spoke briefly on the lack of equality across many demographics. With the upcoming presidential election, inequality is perceived not only through race, as it is commonly noted, but also through economics, religion and politics, Papia said.

Hilbert student Luis Rodriguez agreed broadly with the idea that “diversity” cuts across more than just race. “There’s no change unless we make a change. It takes a group of people to make a difference,” said Rodriguez said. “Diversity is made of love, respect and amicability.”

Downes  said that inequality in this country will cause frustration to grow, a frustration that is on display on both ends of the political spectrum during this presidential election year. The panel concluded with a reminder for all eligible students and staff to register to vote for the upcoming primary election to be a voice that change inspire change.

The discussion was sponsored by the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Diversity.

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