Hamburg Native Is New Strength Coach

Hilbert Athletics’ Newest Hire

Hilbert College has introduced a new Strength and Conditioning Coach to its Athletics program on February 9, 2016: Matthew Diegelman becomes the first person to hold this new position, which the college said is another resource for its athletic teams to use throughout the year.

Diegelman has served as Niagara University’s Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for nearly ten years before coming to Hilbert. At Niagara, he designed programs for Division I athletes to complete, worked individually with each teams’ coaches to find areas of improvement for their teams, and oversaw intern and volunteer strength and conditioning coaches.

In addition to Niagara University, Diegelman was a Fitness Trainer at Prism Health and Fitness, where he worked with individuals to reach their own personal goals and fitness desires.

Diegelman has a master’s degree in health and human performance from Canisuis College and a bachelor’s degree in health and wellness from Buffalo State College.

Diegelman is looking to make his mark at Hilbert College. Only being here for less than a month he has already made slight changes to the weight room and its staff. He is looking to create more space for team workouts in the weight room while also maintaining a balance for the rest of the student body on campus.

Furthermore, Diegelman is hoping for more involvement from the students here. In the past Diegelman was able to communicate with coaches and mandate workouts. But, working with a Division III school, he cannot do this. It is up the students to come and reach out to him.

Diegelman’s new office is located in Hafner Recreation Center across from the gym. He is always open to students asking him questions about anything relating to fitness. For him to do this students have to make the first step and reach out to him by face-to-face contact or by e-mail at

“First, I’m grateful to have been given this opportunity at Hilbert College and thankful to John Czarnecki and his staff for choosing me to lead this endeavor. It’s unbelievable to have found an opportunity like this in my own hometown,” Diegelman, a Hamburg native, said.

“I’m looking forward to helping our student athletes maximize their athletic potential through strength and conditioning, which will help give us that edge on our competition,” he said.

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