Sanders Vs. Clinton, Two Live Reviews

By Mary Kate Wirfel

Recently I was able to attend both the Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders’ political rallies, in advance of the New York State primaries. The first rally I attended was Hillary Clinton’s on Friday April 8. Clinton visited Roswell Park Cancer Institute on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. She then stopped for a rally at the Pierce Arrow museum in downtown Buffalo. The museum was jam packed with Clinton supporters it was hard for them to get in after the cops said it was to dangerous for others to get in. Before Clinton took the stage Mayor Byron Brown and Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul took the stage mainly talking about progress in Buffalo. Brown even stated that “Buffalo is Hillary Country.” When Kathie Hochul took the stage she pointed out that Clinton was there for western new york when we were in our deepest need. When Hillary herself took the stage she talked about how Buffalo is on the rise she then brought up the Medical campus and how they are creating jobs and how these jobs will help with medical research and the improvement of it, Buffalo is on the rise of bio medical research, besides that Clinton brought up her support of small businesses and innovation. She wants to see the growth of unions and jobs. Clinton also wants to advance technology not only in buffalo but across the united states. She wants to bring us together and not divide us.  She will fight for universities and job growth here in Western New York. Clinton said that she helped the waterfront and saved the Air force base in Niagara Falls. Clinton also stated that she is the type of leader who does not talk at us but talks with us and we got to work. Clinton is prepared to get things done. Clinton will defend a woman’s right to make her own decisions she then brought up the Fact that Donald Trump will punish women for mistakes they did not make and that it is a scary thought to think of the possibility that he could be president. She also brought up that Bernie Sanders said that she is “unqualified” to become president. Clinton supports plant parenthood and pro-choice when it comes to abortions. Clinton will defend equal pay for women and make a law for common sense gun safety. Clinton then went on and stated that she is the only candidate that can get something done in the United States. She said she is not afraid to go after the terrorism and will protect Americans. She then went on to say she supported Obama care and wants Americans to work together to make the health care system better. Everyone should have access to health care in this country.  Clinton stated There are three test that anyone in this election can make test one can you make a real positive difference in people’s lives don’t just make promises deliver results how well you do it and what differences can you make.  The second test is can you keep us safe and maintain Americas leadership around the world and the third test is can you bring this country together instead of driving it apart. After the first test she stated she already knows what to do and that is to create more jobs with rising incomes as well build on the economic recovery and make is better than before to improve the economy.  Clinton states we need more infrastructure jobs for our roads bridges and buildings as well water and sewer systems etc. Clinton stated that we need to spread high speed affordable internet for every part of Western New York and America. These are good jobs she states good jobs that can’t be exported. We need more jobs here in Western New York as well jobs all across America “the same goes for Manufacturing Jobs” Clinton stated. She then brought up what she saw on the medical campus and how advanced technology in that felled will save peoples lives and make us healthier. These medical products need to be made somewhere, why not right here in Western New York Clinton stated. She wants things to be made in America and not anywhere else that will be used buy tax incentives. Clinton wants to spend 10 million dollars on advanced manufacturing here in the United States. She wants to put more money into research and for college campuses studying research like the Buffalo Medical Campus. This will make more jobs.  Clinton then stated that she wants to invest money into clean renewable energy this will help combat climate change. We can expect clean renewable energy in all of the united states from wind to solar to energy efficient. Clinton would like to have every home in America run on solar energy buy the end of her second term.  Clinton wants the United States to be the cleanest nation in the world. She also supports minimum wage hike she wants families to have a better chance and women to get equal pay. Its up to all of us to make this happen, the more equal the pay is the more family income there is. The republicans all disagree with this Clinton states. The economy will be at the core of the general election. Clinton stated that a good education will be given to all students no matter where they live supports the teachers and wants debt-free tuition for public college.  Middle class and poor families deserve this the most. Clinton states that students should work ten hours a week so they don’t have do be in dept. she states that if you can refinance a mortgage or a car Payment you can refinance your student debt. My plan will save Americans millions of dollars. Wants a plan to help children’s education she also supports the affordable health care act that president Obama signed. We need to focus on the affordable car act as well lowering the cost of prescription drugs. Clinton said that we need to treat mental health just the same as regular health. Clinton states that if you can get care for Diabetes you can get care for Depression.  Let’s start treating drug and alcohol addiction as the issue it is we need to help people. Clinton is a progressive that needs to get things done. Clinton will defend a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions. Donald Trump’s comments about women and Doctors being punished for abortions is a very real threat and we as people should not ignore it. Clinton wants to defend the LGBT community and work to end citizens united. As well common sense Gun safety reforms to keep America safe. Clinton then brought up September 11th and said she wants to bring everyone in this country together in order to keep us safe she was also very grateful to be apart of the Osama Bin Laden raid. She is all for keeping Americans safe. Her last statement was can you unify us? What she learned today about things such as the medical campus all that won’t happen unless we work together.  She is not afraid to stand her ground to make America progressing along and will make shore that no one gets in the way to set us back. We want progress and we will get it. She does not take anything for granted and wants us to vote for her as our next president.


As for Bernie Sanders, he gathered an even larger crowed at University at Buffalos alumni arena.  Sanders was impressed with the crowed as well the crowed outside. This is a campaign on the move Sanders stated. Began with talking about two issues that most recently happened the first one was that Golden Sacks one of the largest corporations have reached a settlement with the federal government for five billion dollars’ even though they knew they were selling bad deals and ripping off the American people with mortgage loans. It’s not just Golden sacks its every big company in the united states.  Sanders sates that this campaign asked questions that others don’t.  Sanders stated that the business model of wall street are fraud.  They could care less about small businesses and consumers in this country all they care about it making money for themselves. We are going to make a better legislation and why we are going to break up the large institutions.  Sanders then states that he stopped at the Communications Workers union to talk to some of the workers.  He then announced that the workers of Verizon are going on strike because Verizon is reflecting on corporate America and the corrupt things they are doing. Sanders states that Verizon workers were asked to pay more for there health care and cutting other benefits.  He also brought up how Verizon is outsourcing jobs.  Verizon is not investing in small community has made millions but not payed taxes. This is what the greed of corrupt America is all about we are going to change that Sanders stated. We are treating the American people as intelligent human beings we settle on issues that the media and politicians don’t cover. We have to determine what reality is and not the media Sanders stated. The truth is not always pleasant so we need the courage to confront the truth and the truth is we have a corrupt campaign fiancé system and billionaires undermine American democracy. This does not mean that corporate America elects candidates that help the billionaires that is not democracy that is oligarchy. Sanders stated that the economy is rigged. the nation today has more corrupt finance for the rich than any other country in the world. More of the 1% own more wealth then the bottom 90% and that is a problem. Sanders than brought up the Walton Family they own Wal-Mart. It turns out that Walmart pays wages that are so low that most of their employees have to go on welfare. So we have to pay taxes to support food stamps and that is all because of the Walton family witch is the wealthiest family on earth. Sanders said to the Walton family “get off of welfare and pay your workers a living wage”. People should be embarrassed Sanders stated that the united states has more people in jail than in any other country in the world.  The majority of the people in jail are African American, Latino and Native American. We will end that international disgrace. Today are youth unemployment rates being off the charts between the ages of seven teens to twenty sanders stated that thirty-three percent of unemployed teens are white, thirty-six percent are Latino, African American fifty-one percent Sanders stated that we are going to invest jobs and education and not jail and incarceration for our young people.  Sanders stated that people are sick and tired of people watching unarmed individuals who are being shot and killed. Sanders have worked with police officers all over America and stated that the majority of police officers are honest.  If police officers brake the law they must be held accountable sanders stated that as a nation, we need to end militarization of police officers. Police departments in America should not look like they are occupying armies police officers should reflect on the diversity of the community Sanders stated police officers should use lethal force as the last resort and not the first. Sanders then stated that we need to end privet corporations owning prisons and detention facility. We have got to rethink the war on drugs sanders stated over the last thirty years’ billons of Americans have prison records because of position of marijuana. Sanders then stated that this has destroyed lives and that if you have a police record it is hard to go out and get a job.  Sanders then went on to state that this is a racial issue. As it turns out blacks and whites do marijuana at the same rates however blacks are fore times more likely to be arrested.  Sanders than stated that under the federal controlled substance act marijuana is listed as a Schedule One drug right along side heroin. People can argue marijuana but no one thinks that marijuana is like a killer drug heroin. Sanders than stated.  Sanders has introduced legislation which will take marijuana out of the federal controlled substance act.  He then went on to say the differences about his campaign and Hillary Clinton’s. Discussing how the candidates raise money for the campaign. Sanders raises his money differently his campaign finances help the people and not wall street. Sanders then stated that secretary Clinton uses wall street and made several speeches on wall street sanders than stated that he has never made speeches for wall street or any of the big corporation. Sanders then brought up trade policy and it is enormously important. What has happened with all the trade agreements in China and what not factories have been shut down in America and as well in Buffalo. When companies throw American workers out on the street to move to other countries. Sanders then stated that NFTA has resulted the loss in thousands of jobs as a result of trade relations with china thousands of people of lost jobs he went on to state how many jobs in Buffalo were lost and moved to other countries Sanders voted against them and Clinton supported them. Sanders than stated that New York state and others the fact that people are drinking poisoned water. Sanders talked about the struggles of Flint Michigan and his visit to Flint and sow how their children were suffering its not just in Flint it is in all towns all over this country. Sanders then stated that Fracking is poisoning our water. Sanders stated that we need to phase out fracking. Families in America should not have to worry about toxic drinking water.  Sanders than stated that Vermont phased out fracking and demands that new york state does the same. Sanders then brought up foreign policy issues and the differences between him and secretary Clinton on the issue.  Sanders then talked about the Iraq war and how he voted against it and Clinton voted for it. Sanders is listening to the American people, and workers and is all for raising the minimum wage. He then brought up how he wants equal pay for women. He then brought up that the young people will have a lower standing of living brining up the fact that he grew up poor. Sanders is all for the American dream together we are not going to let that dream end. This will help young people in the future and the economy. Sanders then brought up how he wants free college for public colleges a tuition free college. Why would we punish millions of people because they did the right thing and got an education we should be rewarding young people not punish them.  You need a college degree to get a job in this economy. We have to make public colleges and universities tuition free. This is not a radical idea Sanders said and don’t let anyone try to convince you that. He sated that 50 years ago public college was free why can’t we make it free today.  Sanders then tackled the issues with student debt and to refinance the student dept. Sanders then talked about Senior citizens and disabled vets who can’t make it on twelve of eleven thousand dollars. The republicans want to cut social security benefits instead we should raise it to help them. Sanders then brought up the struggles with the African American community. How come we have the money for a war we should have never gotten into but not enough money to help the minorities of the inner cities, Sanders then brought up the struggles with the Latino community. Sanders then brought up how he wants immigration reform.  Sanders then brought up the struggles of the Native American community even diving deeper in to history and how the Native Americans were backstabbed throughout history and we owe the Native Americans. Some of the best aspects of our culture come from the native American people. Sanders then stated that if we go about destroying nature this civilization will not survive.” Sanders then said that the native American reservations are struggling and suicide rates for young people are high as president he will change the relationship with the Native American people. Sanders then stated that health care is a right and not a privilege. How does it happen that the United States of America is the only country on earth that does not guarantee health care to all people as a right, sanders then talked about how he agrees with the affordable care act? Sanders then stated that twenty-nine million people still can’t afford or don’t have health care. Sanders then stated that American people are getting ripped off buy the drug companies.  The united states then spend more money than any other country on health care.  Sanders wants a Medicare for all program.  Sanders then brought up the big crisis of climate change stating that this is the biggest crisis in this world that he fears the most. Sanders is all for helping the environment. Climate change is real it is caused buy human activity and we have the moral responsibility to make the planet healthy for our future kids and their kids. Then came the big question what did Sanders think of republican front runner Donald Trump if he were to become president.  Sanders stated that “it ant gunna happen” Sanders stated that he leads in Trump in national polls, and that our strength is in diversity we will not allow Donald Trump to divide us up buy insulting minorities women and veterans.   The American people all help each other. Sanders last stated that Love trumps hatred.


Here are the differences and similarities between both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. So both Clinton and Sanders want to help college students become relieved from their debt however Clinton wants students to pay their loans like a mortgage and Sanders wants free education for all. Both Clinton sand sanders want to help with job growth however Clinton talked mainly on research and growth locally Sanders hit the hard points talking about targeting big businesses and stopping corruption. Sanders rally was more exciting than Hillary’s and Sanders covered more topics that needed to be stated Clinton covered more progress and what we need to do Sanders covered what we need to change. If you’re a Democrat go out and vote.

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