Quad Party is Friday

By Adam Heftka 

This Friday, April 29, is Hilbert’s annual Quad Party. This past week has been filled with events like Stuff a Hawk, the Free Money Giveaway, Danny Mack, Up All Night Scavenger hunt, and the Friday will cap the week of festivities that celebrate the end of the school year.

This year’s theme will be a Carnival. It’s a return to previous themes after last year’s Olympic Competition. This includes food, games, and rides for every Hilbert student to enjoy.

The party will go from 3pm to 9pm. This event is known as the last event before every student gets stressed with finals. The end of the semester is coming; this may be the last chance to enjoy a weekend at Hilbert.

Hamburg policeand Campus Safety are usually present at this event. Be smart out there.


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