Fall Fest: Fun and Games

By Amber Coyle

This past weekend we capped off True Blue Week, where we celebrated a new year at Hilbert College.  True Blue Weekend was filled with events for students, staff, alumni, family and friends to join in and have fun. Throughout the weekend there were events such as a chicken barbeque, Fall Fest, murder mystery dinner, paint night and a few sporting events.

The Fall Fest had tables set up for anyone to get a personalized phone case or key chain.  Another table had road signs that you could personalize with whatever you wanted.  Music played in the main quad and people ran  through the boot camp blow up obstacle course. You could also get something to eat at the barbeque and get a cotton candy snack.

At the murder mystery dinner, actors came to all the tables and talked to everyone and introduced themselves before the show started.  Once the show started you had to listen for hints and clues about who was the real killer.  It was similar to a real life game of Clue.  The actors told amusing jokes and everyone seemed to be having a good time.  During the show we had a three course meal, which was delicious.

After the dinner was over there was paint night with Jake Peters, who offered tips to those new at painting. Throughout the lesson you could hear people saying how they thought they were doing a bad job or that they messed up, but Peters was encouraging.

According to Tommy Vane, Director of Student Activities, this was the 3rd annual True Blue Week.  Organizers included Institutional Advancement, Communications, Dean of Students, Student Activities, Residence Life, and Athletics. The purpose of True Blue Week is to celebrate Hilbert as a community, alumni and current students and staff.  Also we welcome friends and family of students and staff to come out and take part in the Hilbert community and show the Hilbert Hawks pride by wearing blue, white and black. True Blue Week lets Hilbert College to stop and come together as a community.




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