Hawks Painting


True Blue week is a period of time to foster camaraderie and school spirit; one night in particular was Hilbert Paint Night. On Saturday September 24 from 7-10 pm everyone from staff, to students, to family members were encouraged to go to the Campus Center to explore their creative side. Brushes, paint, canvases, and fun were provided.

“Since there was such a good response last time, we decided to bring it back,” said Jacob Peters, assistant director of residence life and the one leading the activity. The experience was interactive and flexible, even though Peters was directing everyone on how to paint a sunset with a sailboat, he encouraged people to exercise their creativity. “We chose it because students talked about it a lot last time and it’s geared [mostly] towards them.” Peters added.

Thirty-four people showed up to the event; both staff and students alike. The room was filled with chatter and laughter. “I heard about it [Paint Night] through the flyers,” Colby Jones, sophomore forensics major, stated. “I would love to do it again.” While most participants aimed to make a look alike that Peters was instructing how to make, some took artistic liberty to cultivate their own image.

“I got a little bit of confidence out of it,” Hallie Seamen, sophomore representative and forensics major, asserted. The point, as Peters made sure to drive home, of Paint Night was to allow people to think outside the box, without restrictions or pressure. Art is a form of self-expression that is completely subjective and can be experienced in any way without that experience ever being wrong. Not only did participants get a fun evening night with friends and fellow students, but a new wall decoration, or at the very least some wood for the fire place for the upcoming snowy months.

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