Hilbert Alumni excited for future!

By Kylie Wooliver

In 2016, Nicole Maiorana graduated from Hilbert College with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services. Where is she now? And what is she doing?
Nicole is now attending graduate school for Clinical Mental Health Counseling at St. Bonaventure’s Buffalo campus, which is actually located right here at Hilbert. While going to school, Nicole works part-time at Brierwood Child Care as a day care teacher.
She has her own classroom where she is responsible for organizing activities and small lesson plans for school-aged children. From 1pm to 3pm, she assists in the infant room, and from 3pm to 6pm she works with kindergarten to fourth grade students. These children are under her care until their parents arrive and take them home.
Nicole says, “Although I enjoy my job, I’m excited to move forward in my career as a licensed mental health counselor.”

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