Be the Most Marketable Person in the Room

By Kylie Wooliver

After graduating from Hilbert, Nicole Maiorana assists in the social, psychological, and academic growth of children.
A 2016 Hilbert graduate with a degree in Human Services, Majorana is a rehabilitation specialist at Northwest Community Mental Health in Buffalo.
The Orchard Park High School graduate she says she chose Hilbert College for its small class sizes. In addition, Hilbert’s location was convenient for her since it is close to home. She was drawn to Hilbert’s Human Services program. However, she believes without graduate school, there isn’t much forward mobility in her field. “The chances of financial growth are very slim,” she says.
She said she plans on getting a graduate degree in the next few years.
Her job at Northwest is her first salaried position in the mental health field, and her first day on the job was Nov. 21. She’s ready to work and go to graduate school so, she said, she can “move up the career ladder.”
She says that the best advice she received about her future was from her parents. They said, “to make sure I’m the most marketable person in the room.” With her master’s degree, along with her personal skills and traits, she hopes to be an asset to the counseling field. “My parents have encouraged and supported me throughout my academic career. I am very thankful for their guidance,” she said. “I am looking forward to the future and learning from an assortment of professionals, along the way.”

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