Communication Career Expo

On November 1 the communications career expo was held in West Herr Atrium. The opportunities offered were endless. This expo was not limited to the digital media and communication students. There were tables that had information from writing, advertising, marketing, radio, t.v., film and even sports marketing/advertising.

One of the tables at the expo was for dPost. dPost is a post production/editorial company. This company offers internships, but it is recommended to start off as a volunteer production assistant. This gives you the opportunity to gain experience and add to your portfolio. Throughout this expo one thing was deemed most important, connections. Constantly make connections.

I had the opportunity to interview, Shannon Silva a producer and production coordinator for dPost. Silva found her way to becoming a production coordinator due to her previous career as an event planner. Shannon was an event planner for 10 years. Being an event planner helped her gain tremendous interview skills and reliable client relations. When Silva first started at dPost she was a studio manager. Her day was spent assisting the editor with their needed assets.

Silva also stressed the importance of networking. “Networking is key, it’s about who you know”. Her advice to anyone interested in the field is, “Join clubs, volunteer and take internships. Put yourself out there and take every opportunity handed to you.”

A first year DMaC (Digital Media and Communication) student, Justin Zelli loved the career fair. The field he is interested in is Film. Working in the film industry caught his eye when he took a film course in high school. Justin enjoyed the speaker, Tom Wills who opened up the career fair by talking about his experience in the film industry after graduating from Hilbert College. Justin is excited to learn more while he is attending Hilbert, and he can’t wait to get in to the workforce after he graduates.

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