Third Party Voting

By: Dale Zielen

Many of us are voting tonight, but some are unsure of who to vote for still. Some of you can’t stand Trump and/or Clinton, but think those are your only choices. That though is not the case. You can always vote third party. Even if you do not know the candidate, voting third party is the way to go.

People think voting for a third party candidate is just “throwing your vote away”, but it can actually do a lot in the long run. Yes the third party candidate will most likely not win, but that isn’t the point of voting for them. If enough people vote for a third party candidate it brings attention to analyst. It shows that people are rejecting both the Democratic and Republic candidates. After all they look for what we the people want, and if we are voting against both major parties that will bring some attention to them. Another benefit is that if attention is brought to the third party candidates, the winner and loser will both look at what that candidate believes in and will “steal” their ideas to make the people happy. No matter what at the end of the night we will be stuck with either Hillary or Trump, but hopefully all the people that don’t like both of them vote third party, rather than not vote at all.

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