Community Service at the Resurrection Life Food Pantry

By Kashyah Williams

One of Hilbert’s core values is service. As part of the Hilbert Blueprint, the college establishes that every student take a service learning course during their sophomore year. Within this course, one is required to perform some type of community service with a community partner as a way of giving back to the community. But, community service goes beyond your sophomore year.

There are many community service opportunities throughout the semester that are offered through Rachel Wozniak, Assistant Director of Career and Community Engagement. Wozniak’s office is located on the first floor of Franciscan Hall next to the Student Life Office. Contact her via email about upcoming community service opportunities at .

On Thursday, September 7, 2017, I went to the Resurrection Life Food Pantry located on 2145 Old Union Road in Cheektowaga, to assist clients in selecting their food items. Kim Reynolds is the Director of the food pantry. The Resurrection Life Food Pantry is a “client choice” food pantry. That means that one has the ability to choose their own groceries based on the needs of their family.

The food pantry is set up in aisles as if it were in an actual grocery store. The food pantry is one of our community partners who we continuously provide our services to over the years. Additionally, on Tuesdays, the food pantry also services to Meals on Wheels for the elderly.

The experience of assisting the clients was definitely an uplifting one, and I enjoyed helping those in need. Just saying a simple “Hello” or asking if they needed help with something and seeing their faces light up and smile was enough to make this a fulfilling experience. If you are a student and find yourself with free time, get involved in some community service! There are plenty of opportunities to give back to those in need. It will enrich your college experience and make you more equipped to network with businesses.

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