Remembering 9/11

By Tristan Davis

Last week marked the sixteenth anniversary of the horrible events that happened on 9/11. Many of us were alive during the attack on the Pentagon and the fall of Twin Towers, and we should take a moment to remember all those who died during the tragedy and all those who have fallen trying to stop terrorism.

According to reports from CNN, [during that week, 2,958 innocent people were killed and more than 6,000 people were wounded. Among them were 343 firefighters, 37 police officers, and 37 officers. Because so many people lost their lives, and since this is such a national tragedy, I urge everyone to include in their prayers those who died, those who were wounded, and all the first responders who rushed to help those in need.

Many of us have lost someone we care about and know what that pain feels like, so praying for those who are still feeling the lasting effects of 9/11, whether they are sick and wounded from that day, or are feeling the lasting gap from those they have lost can be healing. We should also remember the brave souls that took back Flight 93 and gave their lives to prevent even more from dying in this terrible attack.

The attack on the Twin Towers was a national tragedy and one that should always be remembered and honored for all those who died in the attack and since the attack as a result of illness and the war on terror. Let us all remind ourselves that we are all Americans. Even if you aren’t a firefighter or a police officer, you can still help those in need just as so many Americans did on September 11, 2001.


Photo: Cross placed at the site of the Twin Towers after they fell. Taken by Jessica Davis, July 2002

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