Hilbert College’s New Area Coordinator: David Goldstein

by Yasmine Dabash

David Goldstein, Area Coordinator for Residence Life

This year, Hilbert College welcomes its 2017-2018 Area Coordinator for Residence Life, David Goldstein. Goldstein has five years of experience working in Residence Life at his Alma Mater, RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) where he received his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Goldstein will complete his master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration from Canisius College in May of 2018.

David’s favorite thing about Hilbert so far is that it is a small, tightly-knit community. When asked what the Area Coordinator role entails, Goldstein says “I will oversee all the programming, conduct mediations when needed, and tend to on-call responsibilities. I also help [Jacob Peters, the Resident Director of Residence Life] with other areas of Residence Life.”

If you are a Hilbert employee or student who has yet to meet Goldstein, his office is Trinity 119. However, it is important to acknowledge that Goldstein is deaf. When I interviewed Goldstein, he had a few tips on how one can respectfully interact with a person in the deaf community. He feels it’s important to talk clearly whenever you speak to any individual whether they be deaf or hearing. Do not enunciate, Goldstein advises, because this makes it harder for a lip-reader to properly lip read. He emphasizes that one should not assume any deaf or hearing impaired person can lip read—because some cannot.

Goldstein stresses being mindful of the environment when you are interacting with someone with impaired hearing. Loud noises resulting from weather or crowds can make communicating more difficult. If you wish to learn some sign language, he would be happy to teach you some!

As a bonus piece to this article, I decided to ask Goldstein about his hearing aid. He says that his hearing aid has several functions including, but not limited to, noise amplification, turning off background noise, and focusing hearing in a certain direction. He says that his hearing aid is not a cochlear implant, which is a surgically implanted device that replaces the function of a damaged inner ear. I thought this was a cool tidbit considering that in all the time I have known Goldstein and worked with him, I had never thought to ask. One common misconception is that these devices “fix” or repair one’s hearing completely, that, unfortunately, is not true.

For those interested in formally learning American Sign Language, Hilbert College offers an American Sign Language course taught by Professor Conchetta LoPresti on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. The add/drop period for this semester has passed, but the class will be available spring semester.

For deaf or hearing impaired students, Debbie Dimitrovski in Accessibility Services can be reached by email at ddimitrovski@hilbert.edu or by telephone at (716) 649-7900 ext. 260.

We would like to offer David Goldstein a warm welcome to Hilbert College and wish him good luck in all his endeavors!

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