Hawk Radio’s “Questionable”

By Yasmine Dabash

Hawk Radio’s show “Questionable,” hosted by Yasmine Dabash, came back for its second semester on Wednesday, September 20. During “Questionable,” which airs every Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. for the rest of the fall semester, Yasmine answers her audience’s thought-provoking questions. Questions in the past have included: “Do aliens exist?”; “Is yogurt just spoiled milk?”; and “How can I get the opportunity to study abroad?”


Generally, Yasmine starts by offering technical, oftentimes scientific answers to her audience’s questions—which usually takes eight to 10 minutes. After a five-minute music break, Yasmine takes another 10 minutes or so to do an activity related to the question asked that day.

“Questionable” is only one of Hawk Radio’s many radio shows. The following is a tentative schedule of all of Hawk Radio’s shows for the fall semester.





The Underground”

Jacob Omerhodzic


1 PM

Old but Gold”

Garrett Derkovitz


4 PM


Yasmine Dabash


12:30 PM

Rock Hour with Big Z”

Ryan Zunner

Monday and Wednesday

4 PM

Comic Relief”

Rosalie Constanable


5 PM

Play it Loud”

Ethan Kenyon


6 PM

“Sports Machine”

Stephen Szymura


1 PM

“Informed Millennial

Gabriel Esparza

Tuesday and Thursday

9 AM

Hawk Radio can usually be heard throughout campus but feel free to check it out on your own time at hawkradio.hilbert.edu.

For anyone interested in checking out Hawk Radio live, the station will be set up at True Blue Weekend’s Beer Tent on Saturday, September 30 from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the Main Quad.

Questions for “Questionable” can be submitted to Hawk Radio’s email and social media.

Email: hawkradio@hilbert.edu

Facebook: @HilbertHAWKradio

Twitter: @HilbertHAWK

Instagram: @hilbertHAWK

Snapchat: @hilberthawk

If you are interested in participating in Hilbert’s Hawk Radio, contact Don Vincent by emailing him at dvincent@hilbert.edu or stop by and see him in his office: Paczesny 156.


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