Criminal Justice Majors Intern with Local Police

By Megan Lee

At Hilbert, internships are a very important part of the academics. Internships help students figure out what they like and do not like within their major, as well as guide students to getting a job after graduation. Having an internship during your junior or senior year of college is a great experience and another aspect to make you stand out on your resume when applying for jobs.

Hilbert seniors Sam Bugenhagen and Bridgett Moshier are two students who currently have internships in the Criminal Justice major. Bugenhagen interns at the Orchard Park police station and Moshier interns at the Hamburg Police Station.

For the Orchard Park Police, Bugenhagen goes on a lot of ride-alongs, which means an officer has her ride in the police car and observe what happens on the roads. Bugenhagen explains, “I will go on any calls that the officer gets, and I typically get out of the car unless the officer says the situation might be dangerous. One time, there was a call about stolen property and another time, there was a call about a dog biting another dog,” she says.

Besides the ride-alongs, Bugenhagen participates in SWAT training. She has learned basic first aid, such as stopping the bleeding if someone is bleeding badly. Bugenhagen says, “SWAT training is me hiding in a room or a school, and I use a gun like a paintball gun. I’m instructed to do different things like shoot until I run out of bullets, make a run for it, or listen to the officers’ instructions like drop the gun.”

As a Hamburg Police intern, Moshier has had the opportunity to do numerous jobs. Moshier says, “I’ve done a ride-along. I’ve gone to their shooting range to shoot. They’ve let me observe scenarios with less-lethal weapons like the Taser and bean bag guns.” Mossier continues, “I’ve sat in on court and watched everything from traffic violations to criminal charges happen. Also, I’ve had the opportunity to sit in with the dispatch and listen to some of the calls that they take.”

Both Bugenhagen and Moshier offer advice to other students who are about to start the internship process or are in the middle of the process. Bugenhagen says, “Internships are a commitment. Know that you need 120 hours, so you will be spending a lot of time there. In the end, internships are very worth it, though, because you are actually doing stuff and not just sitting around observing.”

Moshier advises, “ Present yourself professionally and create good relationships with your internship site, as you are representing Hilbert College. Also, internships provide additional opportunities for the future, so being professional is beneficial in multiple ways.”


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