H-Files TBT: Memories of Griffis

By Amanda Figueroa

Griffis Sculpture Park was featured in an article from Volume 3 Issue 7 of The H-Files; the former Hilbert College student newspaper. In the article by Lindsey Rae Opie, the park was described as “one of the most beautiful and mysterious attractions of Western New York.”

h files front page griffisAs a member of Great Expectations, a club that provides students with the opportunity to explore various cultural activities in the Buffalo area, I am fortunate to explore and experience many places. Each place that we visit is fun and informative; however, as a club, we have a bad habit that we cannot seem to break. We always tend to get lost. For instance, the time we took what was supposed to be a fun trip to Griffis Sculpture Park.

h files griffisIn many ways, the park was beautiful, and it was definitely mysterious. Portions of the park and sculptures were in the woods, and we thought it would be a good idea to take a little hike. That little hike turned into an hour-long walk without a sculpture in sight. We finally came across an empty field, then an empty road, that finally led us back to the park.

Overall, it was fun, and it was an experience I would love to repeat again. If you go, be careful when reading the signs if you prefer not to get lost.

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