Meet the Scribe Staff: Corey Boice

By Megan Lee

Corey Boice, a junior at Hilbert College, participates in almost every club at school. Along with being a part of the clubs, Boice holds leadership positions in many of them. Some of the organizations he is a part of are the president of Student Government Association, president of Gaming and Anime club, treasurer for Spectrum, Campus activities board, assistant editor for Hilbert Horizons, and Phi Beta Lamba.

Corey Boice pic
Corey Boice

Because Boice is a part of numerous clubs, it is most likely difficult to decide which club he likes best. Each club has its own story and different environment. When asked, Boice says, My favorite club is Hilbert Horizons, because I am part of the editorial staff. I get to help make the decisions as to which student pieces go into the submission for the year, and which student pieces get cycled back through for the following year.

Between classes and attending club meetings, Boice discussed how he stays organized and how he has time for everything.

I have two planners for the entire year. One planner is for my extracurricular activities, and the other planner is for my classes.Boice said, Aside from that, I also have my schedule on my Outlook calendar, so I have reminders sent to me. And I have my schedule up on a wall in my room written on note cards.This system works for Boice; however not every individual is as organized.

Boice has advice for those who are in similar situations where they have so much going on. His first bit of advice is to start small. Getting involved in activities in high school allows you to gain experience, leading you to be prepared for college. Another piece of advice is knowing it is OK to not be able to do everything.

“Eventually, after a while, things will pick up, and you will see your time disappearing,” says Boice. “When things like that start to occur, it is OK to let someone know that you cannot do something or that you cannot continue doing whatever it is you are doing.

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