A New Club at Hilbert

By De’Ja Cleveland

Hilbert College encourages all of its students to get involved and participate in clubs, committees, and many other activities on campus. Hilbert College’s newly established club is Law Society. Involving one’s self in on-campus activities allows students to engage with other students and faculty from different backgrounds.

Hilbert also encourages students to get involved in activities or clubs that are related to their major in order to get some hands-on experience. If a student is not interested or participating in any of the clubs on campus, they can create their own club. Creating a club allows a student to participate in what they truly love, as well helping other students who are interested in the same aspect to involve themselves in school activities.

The Law Society club has been created by Austin Myers, club president, and the faculty advisor Professor Barbara Piazza, who also runs the legal studies department. Law Society was created to engage students of the paralegal or legal studies program. This new club will allow students to engage in more hands-on experience regarding the paralegal or legal studies division.

Although the club is looking to engage the members of the legal studies or paralegal studies program, all students are welcome. The club’s purpose is helping students involve themselves in internships, experience, and many other activities that help with understanding what is involved in the paralegal aspect of the legal system.

There are many students involving themselves who do not want to stop at a paralegal degree; they want to go higher and become lawyers. So, come to the next Law Society meeting and see what they have to offer.

If you have any questions about Law Society club you can contact Austin Myers at amyers16@hilbert.edu or Professor Piazza at bpiazza@hilbert.edu, 649-7900, ext. 202.




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