Hilbert College Finishes First in NYS Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge

By De’Ja Cleveland

Outdoor Nation, a challenge created to get students more involved in the outdoor exploration of their college campus, involved many of the colleges located in New York State. The Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge involved about 90 different schools. According to Outdoor Nation, this year, 25,000 Campus Challenge participants logged more than 120,000 outdoor activities, totaling more than 60,000 hours outside! The challenge this year was from September 18 through October 15. During this challenge, students participate in activities like hiking, soccer, walks, camping, and many other outdoor activities. The challenge was basically for students to get out of their dorms, off their couches, and get outside and participate and interact with other students. Hilbert college earned first in the New York State Outdoor Campus Challenge with a score of 18,832 points.

Corey Boice, a Hilbert college junior, provided insight into why he participated in the challenge and what he loved most about it. Boice also finished second in the challenge out of the Hilbert college students who participated in the challenge. When asked why he chose to participate in the challenge, he states that he “decided to participate to help get our school out there, because with the app it shows pictures of our campus and shows how great our students are.”

Many students, like Boice, participated in this challenge with their friends. Boice participated in many activities for this challenge like volleyball, soccer, nightly walks, gardening, stargazing, etc. Boice says, “The challenge was a lot of fun and got friends and self out of rooms, and it was a great way to strengthen friendships I have, and start new ones.” Boice says he would participate in this activity again.

Boice says he would participate in the activity again, and so can other students. For students who do have the app, do not delete it because the app sent out a message stating that there will be new activities and free gear in the spring semester!


Photo copyright Outdoor Nation

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