Meet the 2017 Scribe Staff: Yasmine Dabash

By Tyler O’Neill

Yasmine Dabash is an eighteen-year-old Legal Studies major at Hilbert. Dabash currently dorms at Hilbert and anticipates graduating in the spring of 2020. Dabash is a resident assitant (RA), hosts a radio show for Hawk Radio called “Questionable,” and is a part of Hilbert Horizons and Spectrum as well. She decided to become an RA because she wanted to make the Hilbert community a better place.

Yasmine grew up in Macomb, Illinois, but lived in Cairo, Egypt from the time she was nine until she was sixteen. She then came to Hilbert College at seventeen. Yasmine wants to attend law school at Yale and to become a lawyer in Vermont. Some of her hobbies are sleeping, eating, and hanging out with friends.

Dabash wants to focus on medical malpractice for her legal career because she comes from five generations of doctors. She says her best experience at Hilbert has been Hawk Radio. “Questionable” is a once a week show on Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. where she answers both silly and thought-provoking questions.

Dabash described living in Egypt as follows, “My father is Egyptian, making me half-Egyptian. I have been visiting Egypt my whole life–since infancy, practically.

“We moved to Egypt in fall of 2008 so we could take care of my grandmother who was very sick at the time. We were meant to stay only one year but one year turned into seven. I would not call it an experience but rather a chapter, an era so to speak, of my life.

“The most invigorating part of my stay in Egypt was the January 2011 Egyptian Revolution in which dictator Hosni Mubarak was overthrown. I was in Cairo for that. I even have pictures of me at Tahrir Square the day after Mubarak stepped down but I was at the awkward age of 12 so I’d rather not provide the photos.”

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