Meet the Scribe Staff: Kashyah Williams

By Yasmine Dabash

Kashyah Williams is a twenty-one-year-old Hilbert College resident and student majoring in Digital Media and Communications (with a concentration in Journalism) set to graduate in 2018.

At Hilbert, Williams is a student ambassador and Honors student involved in Great Expectations (vice president), the Black Student Union (social media coordinator), Never Miss Dance Team, and Psychology Club.

Williams hails from Rome, New York, a long, three-hour-drive away from Hilbert. When asked how she ended up at Hilbert, Williams recalls her Common Application “screwing up” and her high school guidance counselor recommended Hilbert.

Williams, besides being the eldest of eight children, is from what she calls a “musical family.” Williams cited her grandmother and aunt as some of her inspirations. “My aunt and my grandmother have immensely inspired me,” she says. “My grandmother raised me, so my aunt and I grew up together in the same home.

“My nana is a very wise woman who has a discerning spirit. That woman gives the best advice with so much grace and is a constant force of encouragement in my life. Whenever I am feeling down, she is the first person I call for guidance. I am truly a nana’s girl.

“My aunt has the drive of an Energizer bunny. She is such a humble human being. My aunt is a professional singer and currently is on Broadway for Motown the Musical as the understudy for Diana Ross and is in the ensemble. She inspires me daily to never give up on my dreams and to work hard.”

Williams hopes to use her degree to pursue a career in television. She wants to work in television because she “loves talking to people and meeting people.” She says she wants to work with both celebrities and people from the community.

For Williams, it’s the sense of unity that draws her to the industry.

“I’ve always been into the media scene, especially film. Award show season–I am there. I love how it has a way of bringing people together. I find myself chatting anyone’s ear off about that movie that won Best Picture last year or something,” said Williams. “I love the art of it all. The performances, the scenes that stick with you, the characters. Everything. I often daydream about giving actors exclusive interviews. I want to be a voice and use my enthusiasm for the world to see. If my television gig does not work out, I want to become a movie critic.”

Williams not only wants to work in television, she wants her own talk show. “I would call it ‘The Sit Down,’ and the subject matter would be about the latest films and TV shows. But, I would also incorporate a charity giveaway of some sort in my periodic shows. Something similar to Ellen’s daytime talk show.”

In her free time, Williams blogs, watches movies (she is a self-proclaimed “movie buff” and her favorite movie Slumdog Millionaire), listens to music, and goes to the gym when she has time.

Williams cites her meeting with Kevin Costner as a pivotal moment in her life.

“It was amazing, I was starstruck,” she says when asked about the experience. “When we made eye contact, my heart dropped. I held his hand first before we shook. It was definitely an experience.”

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