Meet the Scribe Staff: Megan Lee

By Tristan Davis


Megan Lee is a 20-year-old college student who came to Hilbert to be on the cross-country team. While here, she also joined track and was accepted into the honors program.

Lee’s main interests involve movies and sports. Ultimately, she believes that after she leaves Hilbert, she may want to pursue marketing. What most people do not know about Lee is that she is a twin.

The Facts:

Name: Megan Lee

Major: DMAC

Graduation: 2019

Age: 20

Commuter or resident: Commuter

Clubs: Cross country, track, honors

From: Hamburg

What do want to do after graduating?: Marketing

Interests: Sports, running, movies, comedy

Likes: Dogs, especially Huskies

What made you want to come to Hilbert?

“I wanted to run for a cross country team, and I had been recruited by Hilbert before, so I reached out.”

What inspired you to be a DMAC Major?

“I took communication classes in high school and enjoyed them, so I decided to continue with com classes in college.”

What is your goal in life?

“My goal in life is to live a successful and happy life.”

What is a fact that few people know about you?

“I’m a twin!”

What is your favorite movie and why?

“My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing because it’s a classic love story! And it’s just really fun to watch!”

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