Meet the Scribe 2017 Staff: Tyler O’Neill

By De’Ja Cleveland

De’Ja Cleveland interviewed fellow Scribe staff member Tyler O’ Neill earlier this semester. Here’s what she found out.

The facts:

Full name: Tyler John O’Neill.

Graduation year: Spring of 2018.

Major: Criminal justice with a concentration in law

Clubs: Peer Leader

Age: 22

Hometown: From Buffalo, New York.

Commuter or resident: Commuter

And some details:

DC: What do you want to do with your degree when you leave Hilbert College?

TO: I want to go to law school.

DC: What are your interests?

TO: I’m interested in sports, like football and basketball.

DC: Do you have any older or younger siblings?

TO: Yes, 2 younger sisters.

DC: What is a peer leader?

TO: A peer leader plays a role in aiding freshman students in successfully navigating their transition from high school to college by providing the tools and knowledge necessary for them to achieve their academic and personal goals.

DC: What made you want to attend Hilbert College?

TO: I was a computer security major and Hilbert, RIT, and St. Bonaventure were the only schools that had the program, and I wanted to stay local, so I chose Hilbert.

DC: What made you change your major from computer security to criminal justice?

TO: First semester, I took an intro to criminal justice class and enjoyed it, and then second semester took an intro computer security class and hated it. I liked criminal justice and decided to change my major.

DC: What law school do you want to go to?

TO: University at Buffalo, Syracuse University, or Albany.

DC: Do you have any pets?

TO: Yes, a cat.


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