Meet the Scribe 2017 Staff: Ryan Zunner

By Henry Bowers

Ryan Zunner is a 19-year-old Digital Media Communications major and Political Science minor at Hilbert College from Kenmore, New York.

He is also a member of the school’s communications club and Hawk Radio. When he graduates in 2020, he aspires to be a journalist. In his spare time, he loves to read books and watch movies, his favorite movie being All the President’s Men.

Zunner is also quite the public speaker, as he was the commencement speaker for his graduation at Kenmore West. His skills outside of school are also just as prominent, as Zunner was a member of the U19 German National Lacrosse Team.

When asked if he enjoys Hilbert, Zunner says, “Yes, I love being at Hilbert. While the infrastructure and resources of the college might fall short of other area colleges/universities, I feel that’s made up in the great sense of community. From students to faculty, everyone here is helpful and astounding.”

When asked which Hilbert College professor has helped him out the most in his time here, he says, “I would have to say DMAC professor Chris Gallant. He has given me many great opportunities in the industry and always pushes me to strive to be better.”

Finally, Ryan touched on his childhood hero: “Growing up, I really looked up to my cousin Clay, who played pro lacrosse for the Buffalo Bandits. Starting as a four-year-old going to lacrosse games, I was so proud to see that one of my cousins was at the top of his sport. As a Native American, the game of lacrosse is in my blood, and looking up to my cousin, I thought with hard work and love for the game, I could do anything. I played lacrosse in Canada for 12 years, always striving to be my best, and follow in the footsteps of my family who have done great things in the sport. While my ambitions of becoming a pro lacrosse player aren’t in the cards like for Clay, the lessons in dedication to craft are something that I learned from a very young age.”



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