Meet the 2017 Scribe Staff: Morgan Nellis

By Amanda Figueroa

Morgan Nellis’s roommate gets the scoop on her fellow Scribe staff writer.

The Facts:

Name: Morgan Nellis

Major: Forensic Science

Hometown: Springville, New York (lived there in three different houses, three different times)

Graduation year: December 2017

What was your favorite class at Hilbert and why?

“My fingerprinting class. It was hands on, and I felt that I learned more in that one class than any lecture on that subject.”

What was your least favorite class at Hilbert and why?

“A political history class, which I eventually dropped, because the teacher scared me and made it seem like it would be impossible to pass.”

If you were to choose any other major besides Forensic Science ,what would it be and why?

“Anthropology, it is ultimately what I want to do, [particularly] Forensic Anthropology. The only reason why I didn’t pick this major was because Hilbert didn’t offer it.”

Were there any problems concerning your living situation at Hilbert?

“Minus a few bumps freshman year with my first roommate, I love living in Saint Joes, with my current roommate and bathroommate.”

What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

“Deep fried starfish. It was offered to me in China, and I figured it would be an interesting opportunity. It was disgusting. I do not recommend it.”

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