Meet the 2017 Scribe Staff: Tristan Davis


By Corey Boice

Tristan Davis is a twenty-one-year-old Hilbert College student from Olean, New York, who lives in the residence halls and is in his junior year of college. He plans to graduate in May of 2019 with a major in criminal justice and a minor in psychology in hopes of achieving his all-time goal of being a behavioral analysis in the FBI.

Outside of his academics, Tristan is a member of the Campus Activities Board, the Resident Representative of the Student Government Association, Vice President of the Gaming and Anime Club, Editor of the Hilbert Horizons Literary Magazine, and one of the students in the Leadership Scholarship Program. When he is not doing classwork or club work, Tristan can be found enjoying his hobbies like playing video games, watching movies, writing poetry, or listening to music.

Dabbling in some of his hobbies brought up some past childhood nostalgia. Growing up, Tristan would religiously watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, but what more would you expect when someone loves writing and the movie. It is about a dark twist on Christmas. Also, growing up, Tristan loved to play Final Fantasy XII, which is a fantasy roleplaying game, and by doing that it sparked his interest into buying the remake that Square Enix Holdings came out with for the PlayStation 4. With these two-past remembrances, it is no surprise that Tristan’s favorite club on campus is the Gaming and Anime Club.

Contrary to what people may think about Tristan spending a lot of time indoors because of video games and movies, he also has his fair share of activities he likes to do outside. He used to love doing sports and still likes to play pick-up games of soccer with friends when he can. It may seem impossible that he can find time to write on top of everything that he does, but he still manages to submit work to Hilbert Horizons to have it evaluated and hopefully published. Tristan loves to write poetry and horror stories because they are easier to write and the stories have great plots that you can expand on. It fits in with his love of horror movies and the extensive number of scary movies he owns.

Becoming a behavioral analysis is an interesting feature for Tristan. He loves criminal justice, but he also loves psychology. It works out for him that studying a person’s behavior brings the two together. When he was little, he surprisingly wanted to go into cultural anthropology because he was interested in history. As he was got older, he would watch Bones and documentaries on forensic anthropology that switched his interest from cultural anthropology to forensic anthropology. After a while, he started to realize he did not want to deal with dead bodies, and that is when he started watching other shows that piqued his interest into becoming a Behavioral Analysis.

Ultimately, things such as documentaries on serial killers, the way people’s mind work, and Criminal Minds shifted his interest from anthropology to behavioral analysis. If anyone is ever thinking about committing a crime and thinks no one will crack them, just wait until you sit down with Tristan and he picks you brain apart and uncovers why you did it!

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